Renewable Energy

Data Acquisition &

Reliability matters. At EberTech we understand that no two sites are the same and we design our SCADA systems with flexibility in mind. Technology is constantly evolving and our builds continuously reflect that with new hardware, drivers and upgrades. We are tech nerds at heart who love to tinker and tweak our builds and software to optimize throughput and reduce downtime which gives our customers the best opportunities to maximize the returns on the renewable energy investments.

Even with the best analytics and software, dealing with unreliable hardware disrupts business operations and wastes valuable time and resources.

Our cost effective hardware options are competitively priced. When you source monitoring hardware with EberTech, you get the benefits of our extensive knowledge for installation and troubleshooting.

Hardware Options Customized Specifically for Your Needs
Molded Fibreglass Enclosure

NEMA 1,2,3,4, 4X 12 and 13 compliant – a weatherproof housing for your datalogger, revenue grade meter and/or weather station. You receive the enclosure pre-assembled with your hardware to streamline installation and data collection.


We built our own software and loaded it onto our industrial grade 4G/LTE, dual SIM gateway allowing to upload raw data in real-time. It’s robust feature set allows for a myriad of connections with your meters, inverters, weather stations, and other devices to provide complete information about your system’s performance. Every logger is configured with your company’s VPN protocols to ensure your data is complete secure.

Revenue Grade Production Meter

Cutting edge metering technology to provide unprecedented accuracy, resolution and metering performance for any electrical installation. Our Meters monitor each phase individually and incorporates the functions of single-phase, split-phase, and three-phase meters.

Weather Stations

Designed for your specific needs, our high quality weather stations can accommodate any solar or wind metric requirements. We offer reliable weather station instruments including: anemometers, pyranometers, rain gauges, and sensors for ambient, and cell temperature. Basic and high performance instruments are available to match any budget and requirements. Weather stations can fit into the main monitoring communications enclosure or have their own dedicated enclosure.